about alexiaetcetera

Hey there! Welcome to my about alexiaetcetera page!

My name is Alexia, I’m a twenty year old vegan foodie and adventurer. I enjoy too many things to make a clever username so I went with “alexiaetcetera”. I love eating good vegan food, traveling, taking photos/videos, surfing and anything that sounds like an adventure really.

How it all started…

I started to develop an interest in photography at the beginning of 2017. I decided to ”borrow” my mom’s DSLR (because she never used it) and taught myself how to use it by watching countless tutorials on YouTube. Once I felt like I knew the basics, I was out there trying to capture everything and anything. Not long after that, an interest for videography emerged and once again I was back on Youtube trying to teach myself how to use editing software and bring my projects to life.

I always felt like I had this creative strand in me but I also knew I wasn’t good at arts (I can’t draw to save my life). That’s why photography/videography turned out to be my favorite creative outlet. I could tell a story through my images or montages, and that was (and still is) amazing to me. Even though I still consider myself a beginner, it brings me so much joy that I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

All and all, I would say I’m attracted to anything that sounds fun and challenging. That’s probably why I started surfing this year. It combines my love for the ocean, the challenging aspect of the sport and just the all around cool vibe that surfers have. One of these days I will be able to stand up, you have my word.

Since I’m a sucker for so many things and like to document them all, I’m sure you’ll find your match on here.